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Restauration of 130 year old wooden pharmacy furniture

The austrian pharmacy journal "Apothekerkrone" covered the restauration of our antique furniture in the issue of Dezember 2017 (p.55): The Mariatroster pharmacy "Zum heiligen Ulrich" in Vienna's 7th district near Spittelberg had the historical furnishings completely renovated last year. The 130 year old oak wood with the beautiful decorations was sanded down and newly varnished. Thanks to the love for the original furniture of the concessionaire Mag. Roswitha Kronemann, the craftsmanship did not end up in the trash, but was allowed to be restored by a carpenter service from Kaltenleutgeben near Vienna.
The result is impressive. 1
1)(Citation translated via Apothekerkrone 12/2017 S.55

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